Ndizi Mbivu za Kuchemsha na Mchuzi wa Nyama (Ripe Boiled Plantains with Meat Stew)

One day I went to a party that was hosted by one of my Nigerian friends. I ate this food and liked it so much when I asked them what was that they told me it was Boiled Plantains. I didn't ask much how they cooked it because I thought to myself what could go wrong when you just boiling ripe plantains right? Wrong....The fisrt time I tried to make this food it came out like a baby food.....Then I found the secret was not to peel off skin until plantains are done cooking. 

Ripe Plantains  

Beef Stew

Wash plantains (a must)

Cut/slice plantain into 1 inch rounds (thinner or thicker, up to you). 

Add water to pot (enough to fill pot halfway), add salt, let boil over medium heat.

Add cut/sliced plantains to boiling water.
Let boil over medium heat for 20-25 minutes (less if your plantain is really ripe and more if it’s not very ripe).

Turn heat off, set pot aside. On a tray, flat plate or even in the pot, get a fork and knife. Using the fork, hold plantain. Slide knife underneath skin/peel and gently cut/slice skin off. Roll off skin. Repeat for rest of plantains. When done, discard skin/peels, you won’t be needing them!
Save them with meat stew, chicken stew or vegetable stew. Or you can sprinkle them with  cinnamon on top and eat them like a dessert...

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