Kitawa (Plantain and Custard "Fermented" Milk) Ndizi na Maziwa ya Mgando

This food originate from north eastern part of Tanzania (Kilimanjaro region ) in Chagga tribe. It was made by elders (mothers or mother in laws) for their newly young mothers. It 's one the foods in the region that claimed to help the body to produce more breast milk. 

4 = Green plantains
3 cups  = Custard milk if you don't have that you can use (equal parts of sour cream and milk, 1 cup butter milk and 2 Tbs sour cream  or ricotta cheese and milk)
1 tsp = Magadi (tradition bicarbonate of soda) I use accent flavor enhancer.
Water = Enough t cook your plantain
1 Tbs = Butter (salted)
Salt  to taste ( if you use unsalted butter)

  • Peel the green plantains and cut them into small pieces.
  • Wash them thoroughly ( a must) 
  • Add water to pot (enough to fill pot halfway), add salt and accent, let boil over medium heat until tender.
  • Drain the water and mush the plantains.
  • Add butter and milk....If it is too thick add more water or more milk.
  • You can serve while hot or cold...
***Note to get custard milk Tanzanian style can be done by keeping the milk in a dry warm place for one to three days.  The process is not the same as American custard milk.   

- You must use fresh milk from a dairy farm. Regular milk from the grocery store will not do it because has been treated.
- 100% organic milk from the grocery store and you must make sure the milk is 100% organic


ajira said...

hello, I'm a little confused about this recipe. What do you mean by custard milk? Milk with custard powder? Actual custard made with eggs, milk and sugar but not hardened? Please clarify.

Also- what's that last part about boiling the custard? And did you mean Serve rather than Save>

I'm excited to try making this dish after tasting it on one of my visits home. Thanks for posting it! Sorry about all the questions!

Pauline said...

I have made some changes. Yes, I meant serve and not save.

Tanzanian style custard milk the process is not the same as American style.

Read the modifications but it is better to use butter milk and add few scoops of sour cream. The butter milk has the same as Tanzanian style custard milk but it is very watery and the sour cream has a thicker consistency but the taste is too plain. I also think if you use the whole container of sour cream it is not healthy at all that is why I have learned to use butter milk and sour cream together if I run out of dairy farm or organic milk ......