Kids in The Swahili Mom Kitchen Book is now available!

Hi everyone! I was so excited to be doing this book. If you cook you can create your own recipes. Just because an ingredient is included in the recipe, you must use it. You can omit an ingredient all together or easily find a substitute or add other ingredients to make whatever you cook more healthy and appropriate for your kids.

My book KIDS IN THE SWAHILI MOM KITCHEN inspired by my daughter is now here at Kids in the Swahili Mom Kitchen. I had to chop down pictures so that many more people can afford it this book. That is not to say any recipe or information original included have been omitted...Noooo but some pictures that would have put this book way expensive have been removed. 

These recipes have been modified or twirk by me to make them a little more healthier. Some recipes have been passed down our family but still I had to change some of the ingredients to make them more healthier. These recipes are easy to follow and with a little supervision in the kitchen many kids can prepare many yummy goodies from as a snack or for any occasion. 

I'm not a professional chef or anything like that but I studied nutrition and cookery so I know a thing or two about healthy and nutrition eating. How to help your kids to eat things they like or most likely to eat and still maintaining the healthy daily diet advised by your pediatrician or have you found a good food that you would like to try but when you read the recipe you might recognize just two or three items in the whole ingredient list? I know what is like to be in that situation. In this book I have used the ingredients that are familiar and are easily available in many local supermarkets or your local farmers markets. Also I have included a list of substitutes that I have tried them for myself in all of my recipes and couldn't notice a difference. 

Make this book your kid's only learn how to cook book or just make fun in the kitchen with a very picky eater, either way the recipes are not boring and the foods are yummy.

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